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Why Enter?

This programme works by recognising and awarding retailers, manufacturers, food service companies and public bodies for working in a sustainable and responsible way for tangible improvement to animal welfare. In the programme, we build upon our learning’s from developing voluntary standards with some of the leading food companies in the world, helping them to be champions of the growing movement for sustainable and ethical food.

Most forward thinking companies realise they can’t do everything on their own and they don’t need to have all the answers themselves. Strategic partnerships with organisations such as Compassion can help your business learn faster and develop better solutions. The awards are a great way to build brand reputation whilst achieving continuous improvement in your operations.

Click here to review the case study from Dent Ltd - the third largest pig producer in the UK and one of our Leadership in Pig Welfare 2011 award winners – demonstrating what they are doing to improve the welfare of their sows and finishing pigs.