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Public Procurement

As part of our Food Business programme, Compassion works alongside decision makers within the public sector to help deliver ethical and sustainable food purchasing whilst achieving best value.

We work with a broad range of organisations including local authorities, hospitals and universities, helping them to source and purchase higher welfare eggs, meat and dairy produce. By adopting a sustainable, agricultural supply chain, organisations can offer transparency and demonstrate best practice in spending public money in the most ethical way.

We are conscious that the public sector is under increasing pressure to reduce costs and can suggest ways of incorporating higher welfare whilst also addressing the cost issue. We are able to use our network of producers and manufacturers to propose new, higher welfare supply solutions or offer advice and recommendations to existing suppliers to ensure they achieve the desired standards.

Compassion recognises public sector organisations via our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards programme. Awards for the public sector may be applied for and granted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

To find out more about the criteria for each of our awards visit our awards section.

To request an application form please email

For examples of how Compassion has worked with public sector organisations, please take a look at our case studies section.