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McDonald's to phase out caged eggs

15, September 2014

Freedom Food farm assurance scheme rebranded - 11/09/2014 - Farmers Weekly

12, September 2014

Freedom Food farm assurance scheme rebranded

FIAPO announces India for Animals 2014, a national conference for protection of animals | APN News

11, September 2014

Jaipur: Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has announced its 3rd edition of India for Animals 2014 (IFA2014) in association with The Dogs Trust and Compassion in World Farming. IFA2014, India’s largest conference for animal protection, will be held in Clarkes Amer, Jaipur starting 12 to 14 September 2014.

Migrant Labour Supports Dairy Sector - The Cattle Site

11, September 2014

UK - Migrant workers are making a significant contribution to the dairy sector with one third of producers having employed foreign labour, according to an independent farmer analysis carried out by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers.

Commercial Farming Causes Nearly Half of Illegal Tropical Deforestation - WSJ

11, September 2014

LIMA, Peru—Commercial agriculture is responsible for almost half of the illegal clearing of tropical forests globally, with much of the commodities destined for international markets, according to a study released Wednesday. The study, which was prepared by the Washington-based nongovernmental organization Forest Trends and funded by the United Kingdom's department for international development, looked at the role of agriculture in...

Are Cattle the Next 'Invasive Species?' : Environment : Nature World News

11, September 2014

When we think of invasive species, we picture red lionfish hailing from Southeast Asian waters, the emerald ash beetle currently destroying trees in the Midwest, or biting fire ants. But the "invasive species" that is possibly most devastating to ecosystems throughout the world is a little closer to home: cattle grazing.

Heinz Makes New, Important Animal Welfare Commitment | Wayne Pacelle

11, September 2014

Today, I'm pleased to report that, after working with The HSUS, Heinz announced that it will be switching 20 percent of its eggs to cage-free throughout its North American operations by the end of 2015. Heinz produces an enormous array of food products, including a leading mayonnaise brand. While the company still has a ways to go before getting cage confinement entirely out of its egg supply, this is a decisive step forward to reduce the suffering of tens of thousands of animals.

Unilever Wants to Spare Millions of Baby Chicks a Horrifying Death | Care2 Causes

11, September 2014

In a major first-of-its-kind industry decision, the third biggest consumer goods company in the world says it’s time to stop the egg industry‘s ruthless culling of day-old male chicks.

John Craven: Antibiotics should be avoided unless essential |

11, September 2014

It’s a classic Doomsday scenario; drugs that have saved the lives of millions of both people and animals lose their power against new generations of superbugs  – with no miracle replacements on the horizon. But this is not science fiction. It’s beginning to happen right now, a ticking time bomb created by growing resistance to antibiotics.

Green dairy farming plan revealed

10, September 2014

Arla Foods has launched Growing Together, a three-year sustainable dairy farming initiative, involving its 3,000 British farmers.