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While our Food Business work focuses on engaging with global food companies that have the ability to effect change on a large scale and positively impact the biggest number of farm animals, we also recognise the achievements of smaller enterprises and public sector organisations for the part they play in sourcing higher welfare produce.

We work with a broad range of organisations including SME’s, local authorities, hospitals and universities, encouraging and helping them to source higher welfare eggs, meat and dairy products.

By adopting a sustainable agricultural supply chain, these organisations are demonstrating their commitment to farm animal welfare by spending public money in the most ethical way and by promoting products from higher welfare systems to their customers.

Compassion recognises SME’s and public sector organisations through our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards programme.

Awards may be applied for and granted throughout the year to continually recognise the welfare commitments of organisations in this sector.

View our case studies to find out more about how Compassion has been working with SME’s and public sector organisations.

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