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Midland Pig Producers

Midland Pig Producers

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Good Sow Commendation

“In our view, top rate animal welfare is not just nice to do, its a must do. Advanced levels of animal welfare bring countless benefits to both our pigs and our business by reducing the stress levels in our animals, which we believe enhances pig performance. Thats why we are introducing our own systems that will further reduce stress levels and enable us to monitor performance more closely. We are currently working to install the 360º Freedom Farrower pen which was designed and developed by MPP, and which delivers significantly reduced mortality rates and improved growth patterns. We have also developed bespoke slurry flushing systems which allow straw to be used with slatted floors, providing increased comfort to our pigs and giving them the opportunity to forage and nest. Other advances include the work to eliminate the need for tooth reduction and tail docking, and reducing the requirement for antibiotic or veterinary intervention. We have clear evidence that shows that our sows and piglets are happier and more relaxed in the 360º Freedom Farrower pen, which is exactly what we set out to achieve. The performance improvements are an added bonus.”

Martin Barker, Managing Director of Midland Pig Producers