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Anna's Happy Trotters / LKL Farming

Anna's Happy Trotters / LKL Farming


1 awards

1 awards

Good Pig Award (2012) Good Pig Award

Year: 2012
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Breeding sows and gilts; Pork; Bacon, gammon and sausage

Status: Current Policy

Anna's Happy Trotters is a family farming business rearing free range pigs on our farm in Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on our commitment to Animal Welfare and have created a brand aimed at educating the consumer and helping them to make informed decisions when buying their pork products. The breeds that we use for our pork are specific to outdoor production, but also selected for eating quality. The Duroc in them has a hardier skin which protects against sunburn in Summer and grows a fur in Winter to keep warm. This breed is also well known for it's intramuscular fat (marbling) which makes for a succulent, great tasting meat. The Landrace in the breed gives us a longer loin, which is ideal for making our traditional dry cure bacon. And the boar line, the Pietrain - a very muscly breed, gives us a nice big hind to make our traditional dry cured gammon.

"I'm over the moon at being recognised for our commitment to higher welfare standards. Being part of a nation that has some of the highest of welfare standards in the world, I'm sure there are many worthy winners out there, so I'm absolutely chuffed to bits."

Anna Longthorp, Manager

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