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Broiler Farms of Hubei CP Co. Ltd.


1 awards

1 awards

Good Chicken Production Award (2017) Good Chicken Production Award

Year: 2017
Region: China
Category: 3 Star

Status: Commitment

3 Star Good Chicken Production Award for meeting the following criteria:

*Basic requirements (including a maximum stocking density of 33kg/m2 and daily record keeping) - Current policy *Increased space allowance (indoor littered system and maximum stocking density of 30kg/m2) - Current policy *Management provisions (leg health plan) - Commitment

Hubei CP Co. Ltd. is Zhengda Food Investment Company Limited’s wholly owned subsidiary. The company covers feed production, breeder farms, hatching, and slaughter. They have 2 feed processing plants, 8 breeder farms with breeding capacity of 500,000 hens per year, 1 hatchery with an annual hatching capacity of 60 million, and 26 commercial broiler farms rearing 37 million birds per year. They rear their birds to a maximum stocking density of 30kg/m2 and are committed to implementing a leg health plan, including gait scoring, across their 298 farms.

In addition to their award commitment, they are also working to improve the environmental enrichment they provide for the birds, including trialling natural light.

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