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3 awards

3 awards

Good Chicken Award (2017) Good Chicken Award

Year: 2017
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Fresh Chicken

Status: Commitment

Good Pig Award (2016) Good Pig Award

Year: 2016
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Pork

Status: Current Policy

Good Egg Award (2011) Good Egg Award

Year: 2011
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Egg product (liquid or powder)

Status: Current Policy

"The Good Chicken Award is another important milestone as we continue to raise our sourcing aspirations at COOK. We’re committed to building a more sustainable supply chain, working in partnership with farmers to deliver better quality, welfare and provenance."

James Rutter, Brand and Strategy Director, COOK, 2017

“COOK is committed to a better way of doing business to ensure sustainability and farm animal welfare is a part of this ambition. We’re delighted to be working with two, brilliant pig farmers, Rob Mercer at Packington Free Range and Mark Haywood at Dingley Dell. With their help we can guarantee our customers some of the best, free-range British pork money can buy. We’re committed to finding more like-minded farmers who will work with us to make sure we’re cooking with the best quality, most sustainable ingredients we can.

For us, using meat from animals that have led as natural an existence as possible, produced in a sustainable way, is essential to our core purpose. For this reason we are thrilled to have received the Good Pig Award from Compassion in World Farming.”

Richard Pike, Technical Director, 2016

"We're hugely chuffed to be recognised as Good Eggs. Compassion in World Farming has created a pragmatic framework within which we can improve our sourcing to benefit both animal welfare and our business. Importantly, this award means I need no longer hide from the withering gaze of my pampered, domestic chickens but look them squarely in the eye each morning. This is for you, Dominic and Eloise."

James Rutter, Head of Brand, 2011

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