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Den Go'e Gris

Den Go'e Gris


1 awards

1 awards

Good Sow Commendation (2013) Good Sow Commendation

Year: 2013
Region: Denmark
Category: Pork

Status: Commitment

"We are finding that a growing circle of customers are taking an interest in animal welfare. It was for this reason that we created the Antonius and Den Go'e Gris concepts, where the pigs have more space and where more is generally done to ensure the animals' well-being, which in turn improves the quality and taste of the meat.

The Antonius and Den Go'e Gris concepts allow us to offer a wider product range to our customers, which to some extent has given us a competitive advantage in the market. In future, we will maintain and possibly develop these distinctions in relation to traditional production. For example, from 2017 the sows must be loose-housed throughout the entire gestation period."

Uffe Frovst, Director - Danish Crown Pork Danmark

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