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1 awards

1 awards

Good Dairy Commendation (2013) Good Dairy Commendation

Year: 2013
Region: Netherlands
Category: Liquid milk; Dairy products

Status: Current Policy

"We are proud of being awarded the Good Dairy Commendation award.

Agricultural and dairy farming methods should not only have a minimal impact on the environment but should also be animal friendly and boost public support for dairy farming. FrieslandCampina's quality and sustainability programme Foqus planet also helps its member dairy farmers who deliver the milk for Campina, to make their business - and hence their farming - more sustainable. With the annual Campina Open Farm Days our member farmers offer consumers the opportunity to see for themselves how much care and attention is given to the cows.

The award is a reward for the hard work done by our member farmers."

Bas van den Berg, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Branded NL/Belgium

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