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Hainan Dingan Nanbowan Animal Husbandry Co Ltd

Hainan Dingan Nanbowan Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd


1 awards

1 awards

Good Pig Production Award (2015) Good Pig Production Award

Year: 2015
Region: China
Category: 5 Star

Status: Current Policy

5 star Good Pig Production Award for meeting the following criteria:

  • Basic requirements
  • No sow stalls or farrowing crates - Current policy
  • No tail docking - Current policy
  • No teeth clipping - Current policy
  • Provision of appropriate bedding and manipulable material throughout life – Commitment

Hainan Dingan Nabowan Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd, are awarded a 5 Star rating. The farm operates a part indoor and part free range enterprise using a local Dingan black female crossed with a Berkshire male. They have achieved the 5 star award, by achieving no tail docking, no teeth clipping and no sow confinement as current policy; and by committing to provide bedding and manipulable material to their indoor pigs.

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