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Hebei Xinlaonong Husbandry Technology Co Ltd

Hebei Xinlaonong Husbandry Technology Co. Ltd.


1 awards

1 awards

Good Pig Production Award (2014) Good Pig Production Award

Year: 2014
Region: China
Category: 5 Star

Status: Commitment

5 Star Good Pig Production Award for meeting the following criteria:

  • Basic requirements (including group housing of sows throughout pregnancy)
  • No tail docking – Current policy
  • No teeth clipping – Current policy
  • No sow stalls (observation period) or farrowing crates – Commitment
  • Provision of appropriate bedding and manipulable material throughout life – Current policy

Hebei Xinlaonong Husbandry Technology Co. Ltd provides a deep bed system for all its pigs including its sows, weaners and growing pigs. The company does not use farrowing crates, does not tail dock or tooth clip and has plans to phase out the use of sow stalls for the observation period in pregnant sows.

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