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Henan Aimu Agriculture CoLtd

Henan Aimu Agriculture Co.,Ltd


1 awards

1 awards

Good Egg Production Award (2017) Good Egg Production Award

Year: 2017
Region: China
Category: 5 Star
Status: Commitment

5 Star Good Egg Production Award for meeting the following criteria:

*Basic requirements (including cage free and provision of nest boxes) - Current policy *Indoor environmental enrichment - Commitment *Increased space allowance (free range environment) - Current policy *No beak trimming - Current policy *Use of a dual purpose breed - Current policy

Henan Aimu Agriculture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, and is engaged in the rearing and selling of Beijing You chicken. The company has Asia's largest forest fermentation bed farming base. They use modern standard chicken houses combined with natural mountain free range area that the birds can freely access where hens can forage insects from the grass and plants. The base has no manure pollution and fully achieves zero pollution, zero emission and environmental protection.

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