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Laverstoke Park Farm Laverstoke Park Farm

Company name: Laverstoke Park Farm

Sector: Manufacturer

Awards (4)

Good Pig Award

Year: 2012
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Pork; Breeding sows and gilts
Status: Current Policy

Good Pig Award (2012)

Leadership in Pig Welfare

Year: 2011
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Pork; Bacon, gammon and sausage
Status: Current Policy

Leadership in Pig Welfare (2011)

Good Egg Award

Year: 2011
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs; Egg product (liquid or powder)
Status: Current Policy

Good Egg Award (2011)

Good Dairy Award

Year: 2011
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Liquid milk; Butter and Cream; Cheese; Yoghurt/ice-cream/other dairy desserts; Dairy Veal or Beef
Status: Current Policy

Good Dairy Award (2011)

"At Laverstoke Park Farm the health and welfare of our livestock is a fundamental part of our farming practices and beliefs. We strive to achieve the highest standards to have animals who have enjoyed a stress free life feasting on the best pastures!

Each of our livestock groups has an experienced manager who is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our animals. We believe that animals who live a stress free life are healthier. As a result of our concern for animal welfare, we built an on-site abattoir, with the lairage designed in consultation with Temple Grandin - one the of world's leading authorities on animal stress. If you stress an animal at the time of slaughter, it directly affects the quality of the meat; we see this as natures way of ensuring you treat the animals with care and respect.

We are huge supporters of these awards, which bring attention to the issues of animal welfare to consumers and are very proud of our awards won - Leadership in Pig Welfare 2011, and Good Dairy Award 2011."

We believe consumers are generally not aware of the disparity in animal welfare in terms of the quality of life to include overcrowding, feed contents, routine use of medicines, inhumane conditions, lack of natural habitat etc. We believe that educating consumers to appreciate the costs to animals of cheap meat is essential if welfare standards are to be continually improved."

Laverstoke Park Farm

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