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St Ewe Free Range Eggs


1 awards

1 awards

Good Egg Award (2019) Good Egg Award

Year: 2019
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs; Egg product (liquid or powder)

Status: Current Policy

"We love eggs and we love great food.

Whilst “free range” is part of our name -” St Ewe free range eggs”, we felt it was important to demonstrate our commitment to free range by applying for the Good Egg Award.

We have the UK’s widest selection of free-range eggs from our lovely hens who spend all day roaming in the fresh West Country air.

We ensure our hens are truly free range by constantly working to understand our girls better to make sure they roam into the corners of the fields, by ensuring trees and other shelter is available for them to feel safe in the hen run. As well as making sure the runs are planted with different vegetation so they can explore.

Making sure hens are free range is key, to make sure they are exposed to a plethora of wildlife to make sure they can build strong immune systems and in turn lay nutritious free-range eggs.

We farm sustainably, employ locally, work to reduce wastage across our whole business starting with making sure every egg has a home. We use solar energy where possible, consolidate transport and our egg boxes are compostable.

We believe in making sure we have a minimum impact in the world’s resources, whilst at the same time producing produce that delivers the maximum impact in taste!"

Rebecca Tonks, Farmer & Founder, St Ewe Free Range Eggs

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