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Winterbotham Darby

Winterbotham Darby


1 awards

1 awards

Special Recognition Award (2018) Special Recognition Award

Year: 2018
Region: EU
Category: Breeding sows and gilts; Pork; Bacon, gammon and sausage; Cured/cooked hams and sliced meats

"There has never been a more important time for animal welfare within the food industry due to an increasing pressure and demands from the market to the uncertainty posed by Brexit. We need to ensure that animal welfare standards are not diluted and that changes in longer term goals and commitments are not made in response to these pressures and demands. Animal welfare is not just significant from an animal health or ethical perspective, it plays such an important role in product quality, sustainability of farming and indeed human health. At Winterbotham Darby we recognise the importance of animal welfare and that is why it is a key strategic part of our organisation be it today or in the future."

David Houghton, Technical Director

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