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London Borough of Enfield

London Borough of Enfield

Public Sector

2 awards

2 awards

Good Dairy Commendation (2015) Good Dairy Commendation

Year: 2015
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Liquid milk

Status: Commitment

Good Egg Award (2009) Good Egg Award

Year: 2009
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs

Status: Current Policy

Enfield Catering are delighted to accept the Good Dairy Award from Compassion in World Farming. We are fully committed to animal welfare in all aspects of our business which is reflected in food we serve. We are proactively working with all our suppliers to expand our organic range, and being part of a large collaborate purchasing group across London enables us to achieve best value on our purchases.

Enfield Catering Services are passionate about serving food that is not only healthy and nutritious, but produced using environmentally, animal-friendly farming methods. Including high welfare dairy products on our menus is certainly one way to be confident about achieving this.

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