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Acorn Dairy

Acorn Dairy


1 awards

1 awards

Good Dairy Award (2012) Good Dairy Award

Year: 2012
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Butter and cream; Cheese; Dairy veal or beef; Liquid milk; Yoghurt/ice-cream/other dairy desserts

Status: Current Policy

"Acorn Dairy applied for a Good Dairy Award to highlight that by farming organically, to Soil Association standards, our herd benefit as well as the environment & wildlife. Fourteen years ago we converted from intensive milk production and have seen the comprehensive benefits this brings to all stake holders- including the cows and local wildlife. Our cross bred Dairy Shorthorn herd are good 'all rounders' on our high grazing/ forage diet, with bull calves being retained and reared for organic beef.

The Good Dairy Award logo has been very well put together. We think it will capture the publics' imagination and hopefully get them thinking about how their milk has been produced. We are very proud of our high cow welfare. In times when many are looking to reduce food bills I hope the addition of a Good Dairy Award will be a reminder of why it is worth still paying a little more for organic milk.

Seeing the benefits first hand, we are committed to organic dairy farming and passionate about sharing the holistic benefits to the animals, environment, wildlife and consumer."

Caroline Tweddle, Director

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