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Angavallen Angavallen

Company name: Angavallen

Sector: SME

Awards (2)

Good Dairy Award

Year: 2012
Region: Sweden
Category: Liquid milk; Ingredient; Dairy veal; Dairy beef
Status: Current Policy

Good Dairy Award (2012)

Good Pig Award

Year: 2012
Region: Sweden
Category: Pork; Bacon, gammon and sausage; Cured/cooked hams and sliced meats; Breeding sows and gilts
Status: Current Policy

Good Pig Award (2012)

"We are extremely pleased and proud to receive this prestigious prize, which strengthens us in our work towards better livestock management, work we have been carrying out for more than 40 years. We live by our uncompromising attitude to 100% organic agriculture, and to livestock management carried out completely on the animals' terms.

We make no exceptions and as we handle everything from farm to fork in a closed system, we can also guarantee that we keep our promise, which makes us unique. This is where our success can be found, as well as our future."


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