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Bishop Burton College

Bishop Burton College


1 awards

1 awards

Leadership in Pig Welfare (2011) Leadership in Pig Welfare

Year: 2011
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Pork

Status: Current Policy

"I was delighted to learn that we were to be awarded this new accolade. The College's pig unit was built with welfare firmly in mind, and now it is established, it is run with the welfare of the herd at its core. The staff work extremely hard to maintain standards and constantly strive to embrace new techniques and innovations that will aid productivity without jeopardising the health or wellbeing of the animals. It therefore goes without saying that our agriculture students leave College having gained experience with a high-welfare system and enter the industry with animal welfare in the forefront of their minds. The unit and that legacy is something we are very proud of."

Jeanette Dawson OBE, Principal - Bishop Burton College

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