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Case Studies

This section contains a number of technical, marketing and partnership case studies that share good practice in farm animal welfare and demonstrate different ways to implement and communicate higher welfare practices.


BPC antibiotic stewardship case study

The British Poultry Council launched an Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme in 2011 to ensure a continuous review of medicine usage in poultry meat as well as promoting best…

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Axfoundation Case Study on Antibiotics

Axfoundation in Sweden has been deeply engaged in minimising the use of antibiotics in land based food producing animals in the Swedish food retail/wholesale/food service sectors.…

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Case Study - Windstreek Broiler House

Case study on the innovative Windstreek broiler house which has been developed in The Netherlands, and offers multiple features for improved broiler welfare and strong…

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Kani-Swiss case study on Group Housing for Does

Case study on the Group Housing of Does in the Kani-Swiss system highlighting the welfare benefits for Does.

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Philadelphia connects with customers on dairy

Case study about Philadelphia's marketing campaign to promote their Good Dairy Commendation.

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Working in partnership: Barilla

Case study about our partnership with leading Italian manufacturer Barilla and their journey to continuously improve sustainability and farm animal welfare across their supply…

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The importance of appropriate pullet rearing

How pullets are reared influences the bird’s welfare throughout their entire life. The move from cage systems to cage-free, and typically free range systems, greatly improves the…

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SPA Food's Journey towards Good Chicken Award

Find out how leading chicken producer in Poland, SPA Food, has been working closely with Compassion to introduce their higher welfare chicken production system for the retailer…

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Utilising end-of-lay hens for chicken meat

Borne out of an inspirational partnership between an egg producer, a food developer, a sandwich processor and a leading international airline, an innovative, sustainable supply…

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Rearing Laying Hens without Beak Trimming

Background: Beak Trimming and Feather Pecking in Laying Hens Injurious feather pecking is a major welfare problem in laying hens which can occur in all types of rearing systems…

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