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Case Studies

This section contains a number of technical, marketing and partnership case studies that share good practice in farm animal welfare and demonstrate different ways to implement and communicate higher welfare practices.


Working in partnership: IKEA

Compassion has been working closely with IKEA since 2008 to help develop and implement its global animal welfare strategy as part of the company's continuous commitment to…

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Working in partnership: Unilever

Unilever believes that growth and sustainability go hand in hand and farm animal welfare has become one of its core brand values

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The Co-operative Dairy Cow Welfare Project

For The Co-operative, improving animal welfare is not simply a short-term marketing platform, but part of a long-term commitment to a responsible retailing agenda

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Sainsbury’s Pig Concept Farm

Sainsbury’s works with suppliers globally and recognises its responsibility to manage increasingly complex ethical, environmental and social issues

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Waitrose QR Codes – delivering welfare messages

Waitrose has a unique relationship with its farmers, supporting British agriculture in the care of animals to deliver superb quality through the highest welfare standards

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European Farmers Network case studies

The network brought together a values-driven association of farmers across Europe who believe that higher animal welfare is an essential part of sustainable agriculture

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Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative

Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative demonstrate how they are raising the bar in terms of higher welfare across their 450 dairy farms.

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Brookfield Farm – sustainable dairy calf welfare

A video highlighting the fantastic work the Brookfield Farm brand has done to create a sustainable veal and beef-rearing operation.

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Benefits of the Easy Care Sheep

Low input, high output, high welfare sheep farming.

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Dent Ltd – Leaders in Pig Welfare

In 2011, Dent Ltd (now under new ownership) received a Leadership in Pig Welfare award for ensuring a high quality of life for their pigs, demonstrating significant achievements…

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