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Partnerships in Action: Compass Group

Our partnership began in 2007, and in 2008 Compass Group’s fine dining business, Restaurant Associates, won a Good Egg Award. Among our 2009 Good Egg Award winners were Compass Group clients such as Orange, Bristol Zoo and Oxford Brookes University and our work with Compass to date benefits over 12,000 laying hens per year. Following this initial success, we continue to work with The Compass Group on meeting their corporate responsibility targets by encouraging more of their clients to win our Good Egg Award. A case study about each existing Good Egg Award winner has been circulated to clients and internally within Compass to promote them as good practice examples.

We have achieved great impact by working with Compass Group as their influence can be brought to bear on a wide range of client organisations which would take a lot more resource for us to approach individually.

Now, in 2010, we are embarking on the next phase of our partnership by extending our dialogue to high welfare standards on other animal products. Compassion’s Food Business Team recently co-launched the new Good Chicken Awards with Compass Group to a selection of interested Compass Group clients and suppliers including Shell UK, the Bank of England, Vodafone and Leith’s at the QE II. We were warmly received and after first impressions we feel confident that the outcome will be extremely positive and that we will be celebrating a range of high profile Compass clients at the Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards in July.

Partnerships in Action: Compass Group

Compass group is a world-leading FTSE 100 food service organisation that provides catering at over 7,000 client sites in the UK. Clients span numerous sectors including business and industry, healthcare, education, defence and government, and hospitality.