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Royal Brompton Hospital - Good Egg Award winner

Key points

  • All 56,000 eggs used/year are local and free-range.
  • All of the Hospital’s egg sandwiches are now made with free-range eggs.
  • All milk is organic and from the Windmill Dairy in Bedfordshire.
  • A farm in Wiltshire supplies the Hospital with organic 100% beef burgers and other meats.

The background

  • They wanted to move to sourcing local free-range eggs as part of supporting government initiatives to make UK farming more sustainable and encouraging healthy eating and the promotion of nutritious food.
  • Providing high quality, nutritious and high welfare food has always been important to the Royal Brompton Hospital.

The process

  • The hospital catering department worked closely with Sustain and the Soil Association who help to source local free-range foods.
  • They went directly to local producers in order to get the best deals.
  • Because they are a large consumer with a predictable demand they found many local suppliers keen to win the contract.
  • They secured a contract with Bank Farm in Kent who were able to meet their needs at a very competitive price.
  • They saved costs by cutting out the middlemen.


  • The contracted local farm has greatly benefitted and expanded.
  • Customers appreciate the free-range eggs and comment on their better quality.
  • Mike Duckett, Catering Services Manager at The Royal Brompton was recently nominated as a BBC Country File Local Food Hero
  • Prince Charles has visited the hospital to witness their success in bringing local, high-welfare food onto the menu.

Contacts / further info

  • Sustain may be able to help you find local suppliers of free-range eggs and other products.
  • The Soil Association can advise on sourcing organic products
  • The Royal Brompton works with the Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative to improve local procurement.
Royal Brompton Hospital - Good Egg Award winner

Food is a vital part of patients’ recovery and they need the best quality food. People say to me that giving people organic and locally grown food will be far too expensive. In fact it’s often cheaper. We save costs by cutting out middlemen. We are a good customer so local producers are only too keen to supply us.”Mike Duckett, Catering Services Manager, Royal Brompton Hospital.