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Technical Case Studies

Driving higher welfare chicken in Norway

A case study on how Norwegian retailer REMA 1000 Norge AS has worked with its poultry producer Norsk Kylling to successfully implement the higher welfare requirements of the…

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Noble Food - making cage free eggs a commercial reality

A video case study from Noble Foods on their transition to a higher welfare aviary barn system.  

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Fattoria Roberti - converting your combi system

How to convert your combination system into a true aviary barn system for better laying hen welfare: Fattoria Roberti Case Study

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China Case Study - Group Housing for Sows

How a large Chinese pig production company is achieving positive productivity by providing higher welfare inputs to its system.

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Tesco - Driving Innovation in Humane Fish Slaughter

A case study and accompanying video of how Tesco has worked with its Turkish suppliers to introduce a humane electrical stunning system for European sea bass and gilthead sea…

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Fridays - planting trees to encourage ranging behaviour in laying hens

Case study on how the independent, family-run egg producer, Fridays has developed a range which is designed to be meaningful and encourages hens to forage outside during the…

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Buitelaar Group - higher welfare veal and beef

Special calf rearer Buitelaar Group have built a sustainable supply chain for dairy bull calves, successfully reducing the unnecessary culling of male dairy calves on farm. They…

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Kipster – higher welfare barn system for laying hens

A video case study of the fantastic Kipster barn system - an innovative farm that has been designed to address laying hen welfare as well as sustainability concerns, delivering…

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Fumagalli (Italy) Free Farrowing Case Study

Case study about supply chain partners Waitrose, their UK supplier Winterbotham Darby and their Italian partner Fumagalli, and how they are running a commercially successful free…

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BPC antibiotic stewardship case study

The British Poultry Council launched an Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme in 2011 to ensure a continuous review of medicine usage in poultry meat as well as promoting best…

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