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Carrefour France commits to go cage-free by 2025

20 December 2016

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Carrefour, the leading French retailer, has announced its decision to sell only cage-free whole eggs for its own brand by 2020 and across all brands sold in its French stores by 2025. Compassion congratulates this decision!

No more caged eggs in Carrefour France by 2025

Thanks to Carrefour's decision 1.9 million hens will live cage-free lives every year in the future. In order to make this transition possible and sustainable, Carrefour has also committed to secure 3 years minimum contracts with its egg suppliers for its own brand eggs to support them in the development of free range or organic farms, or to convert existing caged systems to cage free housing.

A cage free revolution is on its way in France

The list of companies pledging to go cage-free is getting longer in France, especially in the retail sector. Colruyt, Schiever Group, Monoprix, Système U (for the U brand), Aldi, Lidl and now Carrefour have all committed to stop selling caged eggs. Food service companies are also joining the cage-free revolution, with leading caterers Sodexo, Compass Group and Elior Group all committing to source only cage-free eggs in France by 2025 as well.

Amélie Legrand, Food Business Manager in France, comments: “We are now at a tipping point of the cage-free movement in France and it is evident that other French retailers will soon make similar decisions. Compassion has engaged with many of these companies in France and we applaud them for making such a difference for animal welfare.”

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