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Leading French egg producer goes cage-free

News Section Icon Published 21/06/2019

Today, the leading French egg producer Group Avril has made the commitment to be entirely cage-free by 2025.

All eggs produced, sold or used by the Avril Group will come from hens reared in barns, free-range, or organic systems and the producer will now start working with its farmers on its cage-free conversion plan.

The Avril Group commitment covers the following:

  • Ovoteam’s production and sale of egg-based products for the agrifood industry and out-of-home dining and bakery-viennoiserie-pâtisserie sectors.

  • The production and sale by Lesieur’s mayonnaise products for the out-of-home dining sector. (Since January 2011, all Lesieur mayonnaises available in major retail outlets have been made using eggs free-range hens).

  • Avril’s in-house production and sale of shell eggs.

Avril says their commitment has resulted from working in partnership with Compassion and we will continue to support them on their cage-free egg transition.

Compassion’s Senior Food Business Manager in France, Amélie Legrand, commented: "Avril’s commitment is a major turning point for the egg industry in France. We actively support the move to cage-free production and companies like Avril who join it. We will continue to work with them and the wider industry to ensure the cage-free systems put in place are right for hen welfare and fit for the future.”