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News Section Icon Published 14/01/2013

Group housing for sows - new EU legislation!

In 2001, the EU agreed the Pigs Directive (2008/120/EC), laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs. One of the outcomes was the partial ban on the use of sow stalls for all pig holdings from 1st January 2013.

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News Section Icon Published 26/10/2012

Paris raises a glass to Award winners

Fresh from the success of the UK Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards in September, Compassion held another evening of celebrations on 25th October in Paris.

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News Section Icon Published 28/09/2012

Big Businesses Celebrate at Compassion Awards

The increasing importance of farm animal welfare to big businesses was ably demonstrated last night at Compassion’s 6th annual Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards.

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News Section Icon Published 12/09/2012

Compassion Withdraws Morrisons' Award

Regrettably, Compassion has withdrawn Morrisons’ prestigious Good Egg Commendation after the supermarket decided to re-introduce eggs from caged hens across its own-brand M-Savers range.

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News Section Icon Published 07/08/2012

Valentine Warner to host 2012 Awards

The Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards will be held in London on 27th September 2012 and we are delighted to announce that cook, food writer and broadcaster Valentine Warner will be hosting the event.

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News Section Icon Published 19/07/2012

Are higher welfare animal products healthier?

One of the main reasons cited by consumers for purchasing higher-welfare animal products is a perception that they are healthier.

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News Section Icon Published 18/06/2012

Supporting Better Dairy Campaign

Compassion’s Good Dairy Award, launched in 2011, recognises companies that are using or committing to using higher welfare systems for dairy cows and calves.

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News Section Icon Published 25/04/2012

Dancing cows video goes viral!

In March 2012, Compassion visited two of our Good Farm Animal Welfare Award winners’ farms in the UK and France to capture the joy that dairy cows express when they are let out of their winter housing for the first time each spring.

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News Section Icon Published 02/04/2012

What do farm assurance schemes mean for animal welfare?

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the welfare of animals produced for food and are confused by the labelling of animal products.

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News Section Icon Published 07/03/2012

Compassion at 'Salon de l'Agriculture' 2012

For the third consecutive year, Compassion France exhibited at the ‘Salon de l’Agriculture’ – premier agricultural fair in Europe – from 25th February to 4th March.

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