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Published 19.11.18

Conad in Italy goes cage free

Leading Italian retailer Conad announces move to cage-free shell eggs across all brands by June 2019.

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Published 19.11.18

China progressing on pig and poultry welfare

Compassion invited to participate at 2nd World Conference on Farm Animal Welfare in Beijing, China

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Published 05.11.18

What businesses have pledged to improve broiler welfare?

Article highlighting some of the industry leaders that have signed up to the European Chicken Commitment.

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Published 25.10.18

EU bans prophylactic use of antibiotics in farming

European Parliament passes new legislation aimed at ending the overuse of antibiotics in farming.

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Published 19.10.18

We need a complete rethink on broilers

New report highlights the detrimental impacts of intensive broiler farming on animal welfare, public health and the environment.

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Published 10.10.18

Global Coalition for Animal Welfare

Leading companies join forces to advance animal welfare standards globally

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Published 18.09.18

Compassion launches first European EggTrack Report

New EggTrack report tracks European food industry progress on cage-free eggs.

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Published 03.08.18

Calling on industry to find more humane pig slaughter methods

Article highlighting the welfare concerns around current pig slaughter methods and the need to find more humane alternatives.

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Published 27.07.18

Ensure your cage-free housing is future-proof

Read more about what represents a good design for cage-free housing and why 'combi' systems are an unwise investment.

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Published 28.06.18

Nestlé push for higher welfare chicken in Europe

Nestlé becomes latest manufacturer to sign up to the Better Chicken Commitment.

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