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Published 14.08.17

Tesco extends cage-free policy to central Europe

Tesco has extended its pledge to end the sale of eggs from caged hens to all of its central European stores from 2025.

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Published 27.07.17

Podcast: Behind the scenes of Compassion’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards

Check out the latest podcast which takes you behind the scenes of Compassion’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards (GFAWA), held in London on 28 June.

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Published 27.07.17

Extinction and Livestock Conference: the impact of livestock production on the future of life on Earth

Find out more about Compassion and WWF's international conference in October which will explore how we can transform our global food and farming systems to work better for people, the planet and animals.

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Published 24.07.17

Compassion’s launches guidance on Responsible Antibiotic Use

Article about Compassion's new guidance for food companies on how to develop an effective Antibiotic Stewardship Programme (ASP).

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Published 29.06.17

Compassion’s latest awards reflect cage-free drive

Compassion celebrates latest Good Farm Animal Welfare Award winners in London.

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Published 09.06.17

Don't compromise your cage-free housing for laying hens

Article about why Combination (Combi) housing systems are not appropriate for laying hen welfare.

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Published 02.06.17

How does Compassion’s welfare criteria compare to other welfare schemes?

Find out more about how Compassion's welfare criteria for laying hens, broiler chickens, dairy cows and calves and sows and meat pigs compare with other welfare initiatives around the globe.

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Published 28.04.17

Subway joins higher welfare chicken move

Subway announces policy to improve the lives of chickens raised for meat across their supply chain in the USA.

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Published 29.03.17

Italian retailer announces cage-free egg policy

Italian supermarket chain Esselunga publicises commitment to cage-free eggs

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Published 09.03.17

Aramark's cage-free egg policy goes global

Aramark has announced that it will be extending its cage-free egg policy, including liquid and shell eggs, worldwide by 2025

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