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Published 31.10.16

Compassion hosts rabbit conference in Italy

Compassion brings together key stakeholders from the Italian rabbit industry to discuss the opportunities that higher welfare, cage-free rabbit production can offer.

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Published 21.10.16

Système U goes free-range in France!

Compassion commends major French retailer Système U on their decision to source only free-range eggs for its own brand eggs by 2020.

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Published 14.10.16

Compassion hosts pig welfare roundtable

Compassion roundtable brings together key stakeholders from the pig industry to discuss how to make higher welfare indoor pig production more commercially viable.

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Published 14.10.16

Is Europe ready for the cage-free revolution?

Does the recent wave of cage-free egg commitments from leading food companies across the US and the UK signal the end of caged egg production across Europe?

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Published 30.09.16

Compassion launches new Cage-Free Award

In 2017 Compassion is introducing a new Cage-Free Award to celebrate leading food companies that are ending the use of ALL cages in their supply chain.

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Published 26.09.16

Compassion hosts fish welfare conference

Compassion’s conference brings together NGOs and specialists to discuss the welfare of fish - the forgotten farm animal.

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Published 15.09.16

Compass Group Joins Cage-Free Revolution

Compass Group announces global cage-free egg commitment on both whole and liquid eggs.

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Published 07.09.16

Camst to stop using caged eggs in Italy

First major Italian food service company Camst commits to cage-free whole eggs and egg products by 2025.

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Published 24.08.16

CDG brings cage-free movement to high street

Casual Dining Group announces that they will move to entirely free-range eggs by 2025

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Published 23.08.16

McDonald’s invites public to Follow its Foodsteps

Article about McDonald's latest campaign to connect their customers with their food using the latest virtual reality technology.

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