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Published 22.12.15

2015 Pig Welfare Awards Presented in China

Good Pig Production Awards presented at ICCAW conference in China

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Published 07.12.15

Event Report: BIT’s 6th World Gene Convention 2015

Compassion's Ambassador in China, Jeff Zhou, was invited to present at the recent BIT’s 6th World Gene Convention 2015 held in Qingdao city, China

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Published 26.11.15

Taco Bell commits to cage-free eggs by end of 2016!

News article about Taco Bell's commitment to using only cage-free eggs in its US restaurants by end of 2016

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Published 19.11.15

Celebrating higher welfare for pigs in China

News article about the 2015 winners of the Chinese Good Pig Production Awards

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Published 10.11.15

Panera to Use Only Cage-Free Eggs by 2020

Panera Bread in the US announces that it will only use 100 percent cage-free eggs in its US restaurants by 2020.

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Published 03.11.15

Eliminating Male Chick culling in the egg industry

An article about male chick culling in the laying hen industry and industry solutions.

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Published 03.11.15

St Michel in France goes free-range

Article about French biscuit manufacturer St Michel's announcement to exclusively use free-range eggs in their products

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Published 16.10.15

Event Report: Animal Welfare and the '5 Freedoms'

Summary of Scotland Rural College's Animal Welfare Day which took place on 8th October 2015

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Published 13.10.15

Improving Electrical Waterbath Stunning

An article which highlights ways in which companies can improve their electrical waterbath stunning systems to ensure that welfare is upheld during slaughter, as required by European legislation.

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Published 29.09.15

A wider vision towards animal welfare

Summary of the UFAW International Animal Welfare Science Symposium held in July 2015

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