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Most of our food shopping takes place in supermarkets. The influence retailers have over the farm animal welfare standards adopted by food producers is enormous due to their buying power and ability to promote one product over another.

Compassion works with major retailers throughout Europe and key players in other countries to help drive higher welfare standards across the food industry.

Compassion’s Supermarket Survey forms the central focus of our engagement work with supermarket retailers. The results of the survey are used to produce bespoke, comprehensive gap analysis reports, scoring and ranking supermarkets anonymously against their peers.

Through the Supermarket Survey, we have forged close working relationships with the retail sector which have opened up channels for continuous improvement and reaped significant results in raising welfare standards.

Our biennial Retailer Awards, which are based on the information gathered through the Supermarket Survey, enable us to recognise and celebrate the wide and varied work being carried out within the retail sector.

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