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The Business Case for Action

Issues around farm animal welfare stem principally from the gradual intensification of animal production systems over the past century. While the food industry is under pressure to boost production yields to satisfy market demands, current intensive farming methods are having a detrimental effect on the welfare of farm animals.

With the world population predicted to rise to over 9 billion by 2050, coupled with the increased demand for meat protein-based diets, the food industry needs to consider how it can respond to this growing demand while also delivering higher farm animal welfare standards.

Our Business Case for Higher Farm Animal Welfare will assist purchasers in making the case to improve standards:

Business Case for Action

Investor briefing from the Business Benchmark in Farm Animal Welfare which describes the business case for food companies to improve the welfare of farm animals in their supply chain...

Download: Farm animal welfare - business case for action | Size (0.26MB)