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Johma Foodservice Johma Foodservice

Company name: Johma Foodservice

Sector: Food Service

Awards (2)

Good Egg Award

Year: 2013
Region: Netherlands
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs
Status: Current Policy

Good Egg Award (2013)

Good Chicken Award

Year: 2013
Region: Netherlands
Category: Fresh Chicken
Status: Commitment

Good Chicken Award (2013)

“We are very pleased with winning the Good Egg and Good Chicken awards. Animal welfare has a high priority within our company. For this reason we switched to free range eggs in 2012 and use Beter Leven 1 star chicken for our foodservice kip-kerrie salad and plan to switch more recipes when quality and supply can be guaranteed. This award is a reward to all of us and hopefully stimulates other companies to make the switch to ingredients that guarantee welfare for animals.”

Karin Bronsvoort, Senior Product Manager