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McDonald's UK

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4 awards

4 awards

Good Dairy Commendation (2017) Good Dairy Commendation

Year: 2017
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Liquid milk

Status: Current Policy

Best Marketing Award (2016) Best Marketing Award

Year: 2016
Region: United Kingdom

Good Egg Award (2015) Good Egg Award

Year: 2015
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Egg product (liquid or powder)

Status: Current Policy

Good Sow Commendation (2013) Good Sow Commendation

Year: 2013
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Breeding sows and gilts

Status: Current Policy

Best Marketing Award 2016

“As a food business we need to align our sourcing stories closely to our advertising, as myths around our food quality continue to circulate. It is integrated marketing campaigns such as ‘The Tree’ that plays out on our customers’ TVs, on radio, in print and online that are changing perceptions about us. The Best Marketing Award is testament to the work our teams are delivering with the help and support of suppliers, responsible for adding value to our business and others.”

Connor McVeigh, Supply Chain Director at McDonald’s UK

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