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2 awards

2 awards

Good Egg Award (2016) Good Egg Award

Year: 2016
Region: United States
Category: Egg product (liquid or powder)

Status: Commitment

Good Egg Award (2015) Good Egg Award

Year: 2015
Region: United States
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs

Status: Current Policy

At Pret we believe that the animals in our ingredients deserve to be raised in good conditions and they are well looked after from birth to slaughter.

In the UK we have higher welfare chicken, free range eggs, free range turkey, higher welfare pork (outdoor bred), organic milk and pasture raised beef. In the USA our chicken, turkey and pork is anti-biotic free (ABF) and is farmed to very similar standards to UK higher welfare. Recently we worked with our supplier to introduce humane slaughter for our lobsters – one of the first to do this. We have work to do in some of our international markets, but we will persevere.

We believe that good animal welfare and farming techniques sit at the very heart of good ingredients and healthy nutritious food.

Pret will continue to improve the welfare of the animals that we use for ingredients – every year we set new targets to improve welfare across our business. Our biggest challenge is certainly in developing markets – but the lessons that we have learnt in the UK and the USA enable us to be confident that we can effect positive change.

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