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Virgin Trains Virgin Trains

Company name: Virgin Trains

Sector: Food Service

Awards (3)

Good Pig Award

Year: 2012
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Breeding sows and gilts; Pork
Status: Current Policy

Good Pig Award (2012)

Good Chicken Award

Year: 2010
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Fresh Chicken
Status: Current Policy

Good Chicken Award (2010)

Good Egg Award

Year: 2009
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs
Status: Current Policy

Good Egg Award (2009)

Virgin Trains remain committed to high animal welfare standards therefore fulfilling what they believe their customers expect from an industry leading organisation.

Virgin Trains, working with their suppliers have achieved the Good Egg, Good Chicken and Good Pig Awards, an apt demonstration and challenge to their competitors that they will continue to improve the service offered to customers

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