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Plukon Food Group "FairMast"

Plukon Food Group "FairMast"


1 awards

1 awards

Good Chicken Award (2012) Good Chicken Award

Year: 2012
Region: Germany
Category: Fresh Chicken

Status: Current Policy

FairMast is an animal welfare initiative which has been developed by the Plukon Food Group. It has managed to implement animal welfare criteria, which has been developed by a German animal welfare organisation 'Dierenbescherming'. It's been a great achievement to have producers and trading partners working closely together to make a success of the FairMast concept in Germany. As a result, animal welfare is developing from a theoretical concept into a growing consumer market.

"We are dedicated to the further development of our animal welfare concept. We are hoping that many enthusiastic consumers will change their purchasing decisions in favour of higher welfare products to set an example and thus create better conditions for poultry. The Good Chicken Award is important recognition for the efforts of our farmers, Plukon and the consumers that have contributed to the development of this welfare initiative."

Bernhard Lammers, Director Germany Plukon Food Group

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