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  • Good Dairy Award
    Good Dairy Award

    Year: 2011

    Region: EU

    Category: Yoghurt/ice-cream/other dairy desserts; Dairy Veal or Beef

    Status: Commitment

  • Good Egg Award
    Good Egg Award

    Year: 2011

    Region: EU

    Category: Egg product (liquid or powder)

    Status: Current Policy

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Sector: Manufacturer

Number of Awards: 2

"We're egg-static to have won a Good Egg Award! It's so important to us that the hens laying the eggs we use in our ice cream live in the best conditions, and it's great to be acknowledged for it!

At Ben & Jerry's we've always believed that it's better to milk happy cows. We're chuffed to hear that our commitment to sustainable dairy through our Caring Dairy programme has resulted in us winning a Good Dairy Award - from the prestigious Compassion In World Farming family!

We have been working very closely with our farmers in the Netherlands to ensure we provide the best conditions for our cows and it's their effort throughout the initiative that has enabled us to win this award."

Ilaria Ida, Social Mission Manager - Ben & Jerry's Europe

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