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Migros Migros

Company name: Migros

Sector: Retailer

Awards (2)

Good Chicken Award

Year: 2016
Region: Switzerland
Category: Fresh Chicken
Status: Current Policy

Good Chicken Award (2016)

Good Egg Award

Year: 2015
Region: Switzerland
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs; Egg product (liquid or powder)
Status: Current Policy

Good Egg Award (2015)

Migros is the largest retailer in Switzerland, with around 580 supermarkets. Farm animal welfare has always been an integral part of Migros’ sustainability strategy. This includes, on the one hand, a strong commitment in Switzerland with label programmes across all price segments. On the other hand, the company works on improving animal welfare in countries outside Switzerland: This year, Migros receives a Good Chicken Award for introducing the strict Swiss animal welfare standards to all foreign chicken meat producers, leading important developments in animal welfare for poultry produced in countries outside Switzerland.

“By introducing the strict Swiss animal welfare standards to foreign producers, Migros creates a true pioneering effort. With its commitment, Migros enables a large number of animals outside Switzerland to benefit from the high animal welfare standards. To date, Migros has converted more than 100 stalls in Germany, Hungary and France to meet the requirements of the Swiss Animal Welfare Ordinance, which cover a number of aspects including more space, daylight in the stalls and a resting period of eight continuous hours.”

Bernhard Kammer, Head of Environment & Animal Welfare, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

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