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Your ROADMAP to success

A BCC roadmap is a yearly progress plan which details incremental targets, by individual criterion or by overall progress, to phase in higher welfare criteria until 100% compliance is achieved by the deadline.

Roadmaps should reflect the reality of the supply chain for an individual company; they should not be aspirational. We would expect a company roadmap to have two layers:

  • A topline, public-facing transition timeline which includes reporting for the current year and which demonstrates that a company is taking proactive steps to achieve the commitment it has made. Achieving full BCC compliance can be incremental by criterion (for example 100% stocking density by 2024, 100% breed by 2026) or as a yearly progress across all criteria (for example 50% by 2024, 75% by 2025, 100% by 2026).
  • A private, more detailed transition plan which acts as a foundation for the public-facing transition timeline, based on comprehensive supply chain mapping, assessment of current practices, and subsequent supply chain solutions where necessary. The analysis and solutions, along with secured investment, financial planning and marketing schedule, inform the realistic timelines which a company can use in a topline, public-facing roadmap. Due to commercial sensitivities, we would not expect a company to publish this level of information.

Obtaining consolidated data will take time and effort, particularly as supply chains can be complex and span several countries (and some businesses may be several steps removed, with layers of intermediary companies in between farm and buyer). However, this critically important step provides a solid foundation from which a company can then begin building and developing a robust roadmap with substance behind it, which the company, its suppliers and other stakeholders have faith in. Decision-makers and senior team members, as well as relevant departments (including Buying, Marketing and Finance Teams), should be aligned and have confidence in the roadmapping process and the outcome.

Working with Compassion

Compassion is pleased to work with companies in the process of planning and executing their implementation strategies, including:

  • the initial supply chain mapping process
  • the gap analysis between existing practices and the BCC criteria
  • supply chain assessment and solutions
  • the building of a timebound, clear plan of action.

There are various formats in which a company may choose to publish its roadmap:

  1. An overarching roadmap which covers incremental progress for all criteria
  2. Incremental progress by criteria for all categories of chicken
  3. Incremental progress by category (fresh, frozen and processed).

If a company is present in more than one country, it may choose to have an overarching roadmap covering all markets across Europe or split these out into national roadmaps per market. All roadmaps should feature progress increments that are represented by percentage of volumes.

Roadmap all Categories

Eng Roadmapallcategories

Roadmap by Criteria

Eng Roadmap By Criteria

Roadmap by Category

Eng Roadmapbycategory

Those companies that have also signed up to the Statement of Intent on the stunning criterion for the halal-certified volume of their supply chain, and therefore cannot reach 100% compliance until an appropriate system has been developed/solution has been found, may choose to add an addendum to that specific criterion with a brief explanation.

CAS Slaughter Progress

Eng Casslaughterprogress

*40% of the supply complies with halal certification. As per the BCC Statement of Intent, for this volume waterbath electrical stunning will be used as effective electric alternatives are yet to be developed.

Please see examples of reporting roadmaps from Quick and Fileni.

We are happy to support your business with the roadmapping process, so please reach out for assistance with any of the steps towards implementation and we can provide you with tools and guidance to gather this information and create your plan (email:


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