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Elior UK @ DONG energy

Elior UK @ DONG energy


1 awards

1 awards

Good Egg Award (2015) Good Egg Award

Year: 2015
Region: United Kingdom
Category: Whole eggs or shell eggs

Status: Current Policy

The team at Elior UK at DONG Energy are proud to receive this award in recognition for our commitment to improving farm animal welfare.

“At DONG Energy, the Elior team have been working hard to build a sustainable and ethical catering operation, which is very much on the minds of our customers.” Chris Ross General Manager.

On receiving the awards the Head of UK Communications Ruth Hart-Leverton said: “Our staff are very important and by extension the food which we give them. DONG Energy is therefore committed to using the best possible produce in our staff restaurant. As sustainability and a concern for the environment are also a priority, using free range eggs forms a part of our commitment in terms of greater animal welfare and a better quality end product.”

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