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Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards

Through our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, we recognise market leading food companies for their current policies or commitments that result in positive impacts on farm animal welfare across their supply chains.

We award companies that are committed to implementing substantial policy changes and making progress in their sourcing of meat, eggs and dairy produce, by working collaboratively with us to meet a species-specific set of awards criteria.

It all started with the Good Egg Award in 2007, celebrating companies that source only cage-free eggs. Since then, we have expanded the awards programme to include the Good Chicken Award, the Good Dairy Award, the Good Pig Award, the Good Rabbit Award and the Good Turkey Award.

We also run our Retailer Awards every two years which are driven by the results of our biennial European Supermarket Survey.

Over 641 million animals are set to benefit each year from the policies and commitments of the companies Compassion has awarded since the programme began in 2007.

Celebrate your success and build your brand by promoting your award. Watch our video to get inspired!

View all the award winners here.

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