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Good Chicken Award

The Good Chicken Award recognises companies that use or are committing to use (within five years) higher welfare chicken, by addressing the stocking density, growth rate and the need for environmental enrichment for broiler chickens.

To date over 376 million meat chickens are set to benefit each year from our award winners’ policies.

Worldwide, over 57 billion chickens are slaughtered annually for meat. This includes around 9 billion in the USA, over 9 billion in the EU-28 and around 899 million in the UK.

The UK produces around 1.2 million tonnes of chicken meat annually and 29kg of chicken meat is consumed per capita per annum.

Globally, over 70% of meat chickens (broilers) are raised in industrial farming systems, including the large majority in the UK, Europe and the USA, and a rapidly increasing proportion in developing countries.

Minimum conditions for the protection of meat chickens are set out in the EU Directive (Council Directive 2007/43/EC) which addresses the stocking density of broiler chickens.

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