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This section contains a selection of resources that are designed to inspire and assist organisations wanting to improve the welfare of farm animals in their supply chains. 

These include a range of Information Sheets by species that support the welfare criteria for our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, as well as a number of reports that provide objective advice on farm animal welfare that can help you make the case for choosing higher welfare systems.


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Space allowance for sows and meat pigs

Using the allometric approach, this document provides guidance on the space allowance for sows and meat pigs.

Download (PDF 0.63MB)

Developing a Corporate Policy on the Humane Slaughter of Fish

A guide on how to develop a corporate policy on the humane slaughter of fish, including recommendations for Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout and Gilthead sea bream and European sea…

Download (PDF 0.37MB)

Humane Slaughter - Atlantic Salmon

Recommendations for the humane slaughter of Atlantic salmon.

Download (PDF 0.48MB)

Humane Slaughter - European sea bass and Gilthead sea bream

Recommendations for the humane slaughter of European sea bass and Gilthead sea bream.

Download (PDF 0.40MB)

Humane Slaughter - Rainbow trout

Recommendations for the humane slaughter of Rainbow trout

Download (PDF 0.41MB)

The Welfare of Farmed Fish During Slaughter in the EU

There is a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that fish are sentient animals – capable of feeling pain, fear and psychological stress, as well as exhibiting…

Download (PDF 3.55MB)

Better Chicken Commitment overview

A one page summary to help producers and companies understand more about the criteria behind the Better Chicken Commitment.  

Download (PDF 0.09MB)

Controlled Atmosphere Systems for Broiler Chickens

This document describes the benefits of using controlled atmosphere systems at slaughter for broiler chickens.

Download (PDF 0.51MB)

Fit for Purpose - Fit for the Future Cage Free Systems for Laying Hens

A one page summary highlighting what companies need to do to ensure their cage-free systems provide a good quality of life for laying hens and meet the growing demand for…

Download (PDF 0.89MB)

The disadvantages of multi-tier colony and net flooring systems for broilers

A note from Compassion on multi-tier colony cages and net flooring systems outlining the disadvantages for broiler welfare.

Download (PDF 1.26MB)