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This section contains a welfare potential matrix of the different production systems for sows and meat pigs, as well as a summary of the key welfare issues for sows and meat pigs, and how to measure welfare outcomes on farm for sows and meat pigs.

There are also resources with detailed information about the different mutilations carried out in meat pigs: Piglet Castration (summary and full information sheet), Tooth reduction (summary and full information sheet), and tail docking and tail biting (summary and full information sheet).

You can also find resources about the two major challenges in the production of sows: Group housing for dry sows (summary and full information sheet) and a practical guide on indoor housing for sows and how to successfully manage the system; Free farrowing (summary and full information sheet) and practical guidance to successfully manage it.

Or find out how Compassion's welfare criteria for sows and meat pigs compare with other welfare schemes here.

There are also information sheets available about about EU pig meat production and the consumer perception of pig meat production.


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