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China Awards

China is the largest producer of pig meat, chicken and eggs in the world. As production continues to increase so has understanding of the animal welfare concept over the last few years and more producers and consumers are engaged with the topic.

For the past few years, Compassion has been working with a government-backed organisation – the International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW) – in China to bring higher welfare practices into farm animal production.

Part of this programme has focussed on education, sharing information and conducting farm visits. The aim is to show Chinese producers how they can operate higher welfare production systems as a successful business.

This work culminated with the launch of the Good Pig Production Awards in 2014 which recognises Chinese producers for improving pig welfare, food safety and environmental standards. Key welfare improvements within the award criteria include free-farrowing, enrichment with straw, and avoidance of mutilations such as tail docking or castration.

Now in its fifth year the awards programme continues to encourage welfare improvements and commitments from pig producers.

Over 2 million pigs are now set to benefit from all of our Good Pig Production Award winners’ commitments and practices.

Alongside the Good Pig Production Awards, the programme was extended further and in 2017 the Good Egg Production Awards and Good Chicken Production Awards were launched. Key elements for the poultry awards include the use of cage-free systems, increased space allowance, use of slower growing or dual purpose breeds and provision of environmental enrichment.

Over 280 million birds are now set to benefit from our Chinese winners’ policies and practices.

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