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Good Egg Production Award

Good Egg Production Award 2017 English.png

The Good Egg Production Award recognises Chinese producers that are making significant commitments to improving the welfare of laying hens by meeting five basic requirements which focus on: more space (maximum stocking density of less than or equal to 9 hens/m2) and a commitment to end the use of caged systems, providing birds with a suitable environment (including temperature control and good air quality), one nest box per 4-6 hens, no artificial moulting as well as meeting several stipulated food safety requirements.

The awards are scored from 1 (basic requirements met) to 5 Stars, depending on the number of additional welfare criteria met, either as a current policy or commitment within five years. These criteria include: Indoor environmental enrichment, increased space, use of a dual purpose breed or utilising male birds if commercial breeds are used and no beak trimming.

ICCAW and Compassion worked together on the eligibility and criteria for the Good Egg Production Award. Read more here.

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