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Planet Friendly Award

2021 Special Recognition Award 

EN Special Recognition Award 2021

The Planet Friendly Award celebrates companies committing to meaningful meat (dairy, fish, or eggs) reduction targets in their supply. Some companies are already working in this space, coupling the advancement of animal welfare with a rebalancing of their protein offer to consumers.

In 2021, leading Italian manufacturer Barilla received a Special Recognition Award under the Planet Friendly Award banner.

Barilla has successfully implemented cage free eggs across its entire global business and they have reformulated some of their products which has led to a decrease in the use of egg as an ingredient.

In 2020, Barilla launched three new biscuits across two of their brands which now contain either no egg or have a lower egg content and a higher percentage of legumes such as chickpeas and lentils, and in the US, they have launched a whole range of pasta with 100% plant-based protein.

Barilla’s commitment to reducing the company’s environmental impact has resulted in three of its brands offsetting their CO2 emissions completely.

  • For people, Barilla helps educate children and young people and provides consumers with the tools to make conscious and responsible food choices, inspiring them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • For the planet, an 8% reduction in the use of egg as an ingredient from 2016 – 2020 has resulted in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • And for the animals, more than two million hens are leading cage free lives and approximately 14% or 332,000 hens have been taken out of their global supply.

Elena Franchi, Raw Materials Purchasing Manager at Barilla said:We are proud to receive this award, the result of Barilla's constant commitment to animal welfare issues. Thanks to the collaboration with CIWF, we achieved the important goal of globally removing cages from our eggs supply chain; in addition to this, in the last few years we have launched several products with high content of plant-based proteins, reducing the consumption of eggs. And the journey has not finished, we will continue our activities to further improve.”

Compassion’s Director of Food Business, Tracey Jones said: Whilst the transition to higher welfare production systems is imperative, growing scientific evidence calls for a significant reduction in the overall production and consumption of animal protein.  Barilla’s work to actively reduce egg consumption with the resulting fall in emissions is an excellent example of how this balance can be successfully achieved and deserves to be recognised.”

Planet Friendly Award

For more than 10 years, Compassion’s Food Business programme has been pivotal in driving change and raising farm animal welfare standards by working in collaboration with leading food businesses around the world.

To date, over 2.23 billion are set to lead better lives each year from our food industry partners’ higher welfare commitments and practices.

Whilst the transition to higher welfare production systems is important, much more needs to be done to address the current climate, health, and nature crisis. 

Vast and growing scientific evidence calls for a significant reduction in the overall production and consumption of animal protein (at least 50% in high consuming areas) and a transformation in the way in which we produce our food, towards a more resilient and sustainable food system that restores nature and protects animals. 

We have  therefore introduced a new programme of work – Rethinking Food - designed to rebalance the protein in our food system so that significantly fewer animals are produced and those that are, come from higher welfare systems, increasingly moving towards more regenerative, nature friendly farming.

The programme complements companies' sustainability and health goals and aims to help develop a more humane and sustainable food system that is fit for the future.

Compassion’s Planet Friendly Award celebrates companies that make commitments to meaningful meat (dairy, fish eggs) reduction targets in their supply, within five years. These targets are set at three levels and awards may be given for significant brands at global, regional and national levels:

  • Gold – 25% reduction 
  • Silver – 15% reduction 
  • Bronze – 10% reduction 

If you have reduction strategies in place and are interested in applying for this award, please contact the Food Business team.

Special Recognition 

We know that companies are already working hard on developing and delivering their ambitions for humane sustainable food production and are beginning to integrate their strategies for people, planet and animals, by adopting a variety of solutions and innovations.

If you are taking steps to move towards a more humane sustainable food system and are able to demonstrate links to the advancement of animal welfare and a rebalancing of your protein offer which reduces the number of animals in your supply, you may be eligible for a Special Recognition Award, so do get in touch.








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